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10 May 2009 @ 11:22 pm
!Rules of Posting: 101 Hands on if your clueless  
Since I'm grateful for so many people willing to help me keep this community up-to-date I realize not everyone knows how to post photos etc so I'm going to write up the how-to's for photo posting and a few minor tutorials to help you guys out. ;)


I find it very important because it keeps everything organized and easy to find especially when you are the one looking. I'm overly organized so if you forgot, don't worry me or one of the mods will add the tags ourselves but it's nice not having to do it ourselves. You can view the tags here: http://community.livejournal.com/chrispinenetwrk/tag/

If for instance photos, there are new photos of Chris at a event you would choose: pics: appearances
For videos you would choose which video: tag is appropriate. Same for everything else. If it's a video, photo(s) or article mentioning any of the movie tags such as star trek you can add the: movies: star trek tag to it as well.

When posting new photos ( from chris-pine.org )

If you see I've posted new photos on the site than please feel free to make a post letting everyone else know. The point is to not just let everyone know but so everyone can discuss the new photos and quite possibly how yummy Chris looks in them. Also very important is where to host these photos I find it best to use:
- www.imageshack.us
- www.photobucket.com
- www.tinypic.com
- www.imagenerd.com

1.) Choose a picture and make a preview image. You will need a graphic program like: photoshop, gimp or paint shop pro. It should be no bigger than 360px in width. Height isn't a concern unless it's really long, otherwise it's not a concern.

2.) Place the preview image in the entry like so:
<center><img border="0" src="" alt="" /></center>

3.) Once the preview image is in place, press enter once or twice to make space between the image and the newly made Livejournal Cut. If you don't know how to make a LJ Cut here's how:
<lj-cut text="PUT SOMETHING CATCHY HERE ">Type your cut contents here.</lj-cut>

4.) If there are more than one new image you can choose 6 pictures ( or more if you'd like ) and make a mini pic spam of all the lovely new photos. For example you can see one I done here: http://community.livejournal.com/chrispinenetwrk/7932.html

5.) If posting a small pic spam of the new photos be sure to post the full gallery link at the bottom, again like I did in the link I posted above. Even if it's not from Chris-Pine.org, make sure to always give source credit with a link. It's polite and means the world when credit doesn't get left behind.

From youtube, pine media, mtv, etc etc etc

1.) If it's from youtube always post the 420 or 480 width ones, anything bigger doesn't fit the community's design, though I know most like me read anything posted from their friends pages so it shouldn't matter but it does slightly.

2.) If there is more one video you want to post put one before a Livejournal cut and then the second or however many you have under the cut. Sort of like a teaser ;)

3.) If in any case you have a video that is attached to a web article much like MTV.com tends to post than post the video before a LJ cut and mention there is a article under the cut. Obviously put the article under the LJ cut and make sure to put the link to the original as the source.

Lastly if you still have any questions do not hesitate to ask. :D

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